Thank you for being a part of creating an amazing day for thousands of kids.

Grab some friends, pick a team below, and sign up!


Put me anywhere you need!

I’m pretty much super flexible and cool! #humblebrag



Pre-Event Team

Help with preparation in the days before the event. We’re looking at you, miss organization.



Friday Truck Loading

Help load event equipment into trucks the day before the event. Free workout & no gym membership fees!



Set-Up Team

Unload trucks and set up the equipment the morning of the event.



Team Monitors

Liaison between teams and event coordinators. Lots of walking and talking!




Direct traffic and guests as they enter. Frogger, anyone?



Entry Points

Pass out welcome bags and greet guests with a big hello. High energy required!



Event Greeters

Walk around the event providing info and directing guests. In this case, talking to strangers is good. :)



Balloon Animals

Blow up balloons and twist them into fun shapes. No experience necessary - training provided!



Face Painting

Paint simple figures on children to brighten their day. No experience needed - training provided!



Bunny Hop Sack Race

Lead this hoppin’ high energy game. We ain’t trippin’.



Inflatable Silly Slide

Ensure children have a fun, safe slide! You know you wanna slide too…



Easter Bunny Photos

You can actually be the Easter Bunny! Help families make memories with great pictures. 5 bunnies needed. Costumes are provided. :)



Egg Hunts

Assist with “hiding” eggs and help children have a blast picking them up.



Petting Zoo

Assist petting zoo staff by moving children through the area and managing the line. Animal lovers only.



Pony Rides

Assist pony ride staff by helping children on and off ponies and managing the line. Must be able to lift children.



Character Photos

Dress up as a costumed charter and walk around the event taking photos with kids. 7 characters needed. Costumes are provided. :)